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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
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Presentation Skills for EFL Learners

Level:  Adult,  High Intermediate

Main Objective

During the course, students improve comprehensibility, develop confidence and acquire effective oral presentation skills in English.

This lesson:    
"Appealing to your listeners' needs in a Persuasive Presentation"

Activity Focus:   Listening / Speaking

Lesson Objectives:

  • Note-taking to improve listening skills
  • Considering audience needs in organizing a persuasive presentation
  • Practicing speaking informally on a common topic of interest
  • Evaluating peers' recorded ideas and giving oral feedback. 
  1. Listen to Marcia's podcast on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs; take notes.
  2. In preparing your 5 minute speech proposing a solution to a problem, consider which of Maslow's Needs are not being met.  Record  in Podomatic your ideas of how you can adapt your presentation to the specific needs of your audience.
  3.  Listen to each of your colleagues' recordings, and record your questions or comments.
Podcast taken from Galvin, K. (1992). Listening by Doing: Developing effective listening skills ( pp. 67-68). Chicago: National Textbook Company.

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